Machete-wielding men attack cars near UOG

University of Guam (PNC file photo)

Guam – A violent attack by a group of machete-wielding men disrupted the normal flow of traffic going in and out of the University of Guam campus in Mangilao on Tuesday afternoon.

The men attacked the vehicles traveling along University Drive, including a car driven by Consolidated Commission on Utilities Commissioner Judi Guthertz.

Guthertz told PNC she saw around 5 or 6 young men who ran out from the apartment complexes in the area and started attacking cars passing along University Drive. The men, whom Guthertz described as ‘angry’ and ‘dangerous,’ attempted to open car doors and to use their weapons to break into vehicles.

According to Guthertz, she saw the individuals target a vehicle driven by one of her students. She also saw them attack a man riding a bike.

Guthertz was unharmed, but her car was damaged from the machete blows.

Guam Police Department Officers arrived at the scene and immediately apprehended one of the attackers, according to Guthertz. Officers pursued the remaining suspects.

“The police came, and they responded quickly,” Guthertz said.

Following the incident, Guthertz said she wants the island’s justice system to take action and to do their part.

“They (attackers) must be held accountable for their behavior,” Guthertz, who served as an acting Chief of Police for several years, told PNC. She said the attackers must be locked up and not released by the court.

This is a developing story.