Madeline Bordallo Seeks 8th Term As Guam’s Delegate



In 2003, Bordallo became the first woman elected to represent Guam in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Guam – Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo has announced that she is seeking re-election as Guam’s delegate to the United States Congress.


Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo took the front and center at the Plaza De Espana to announce her candidacy. Bordallo thanked all her supporters and family members who came out to the event. Bordallo says she is running for reelection to build off her previous work as Guam’s Congresswoman including keeping the military buildup “on track.” In 2003, Bordallo became the first woman elected to represent Guam in the U.S. House of Representatives.


“I believe that with a united democratic party in this coming election, we can hold onto the legislature, the delegate seat and lay the groundwork for 2018. A unified front will be most important to continue being successful under one Guam strategy,” said Bordallo.


Bordallo will be running for her eighth consecutive term.



  1. Unbelievable! This woman has the nerve to run again and yet has failed to get war reparations for the Chamorros who lived through the Japanese occupation. She had her chance when the U.S. Senate offered to give reparations only to those Chamorros who were still living. Without consulting those who survived WW2, she rejected the offer. Now the Senate and House have both rejected repeated efforts to get reparations to any of the survivors. This woman has been our delegate for way too long. It’s time for someone to step up to the plate either in her party or the opposition party and mount a vigorous campaign to unseat her. It’s time to send Bordallo into permanent retirement.

  2. Got to give Guahan Grandma Madeline Bordallo credit. Bordallo enumerated a scheme for total Demon-cratic Political control. In all the years, the Demon-crats have NEVER PROVIDED RESOLUTIONS to GMH, to DOE and forever School vandalism, to ECONOMIC growth, to FINANCIAL GROWTH AND STABILITY….et cet. The Democrats only see fit to PAY RAISE THEMSELVES, THE MAYOES CRIED THEIR OWN CAUSE, EXECUTIVE COPY-CATTED THE LEGISLATURE and GMH sinks, Rev&Tax can’t collect any surplus, DOE Security systems always non-funded, Copper thievery IS BIG BUSINESS; constant putting out the HAND for Uncle Sam to feed! And Bordallo claims Military Build up success. Yes, Military Buildup success to ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL MISMANAGEDMENT, UNRESEARCHED, UNPLANNED, UNPREDICTED, UNSPECULATED…..UNTHOUGHTOFF….et cet.

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