MAG 12 Marines Working Side-by-Side With Tinian Civilians


Tinian – While Tinian offers superb aviation ground support training in an unimproved environment during Exercise Geiger Fury 2012, Marines are also taking full advantage of the opportunity to work side by side with their civilian counterparts.

Cooperative teamwork facilitates coordination for safe airfield operations, but also results in positive relationships that will endure for future exercises here.

Lance Cpl. Bryan K. Costorf of Marine Aircraft Group 12, Marine Wing Support Squadron 171 aircraft rescue firefighter dispatcher and Raena P. Cing, Tinian airport radio service operator, are a perfect example of effective teamwork.

Raena is responsible for all of the airfield operations for Tinians’ West Field. Her duties include being the primary line of communication between the aircraft and ground control, radio base line communications and the hourly weather observer and reporter as well as several other positions.

“I do it all,” said Raena. “I am glad the Marines are here. This is a whole new experience for me.”

[Tinians, Marines work together for flight operations]

Raena and Castorf have been working side by side in the radio communications center to deconflict any differences between civilian and Marine Corps airfield operation requirements.

“It has been great learning what Marines do,” said Raena. “They tend to speak in a language all their own. One Marine told me it was called ‘Marine Jargon.’ I think I’m picking up on it pretty quick.”

The Marines seem to be having a great new experience as well. From the moment the Marines have arrived, whether by sea or air, the people of Tinian have looked upon them with awe. People here are curious about the activities of the Marines whom are repairing the historical airfield that played a pivotal role in bringing an end to WWII. Many of the local people have gone out of their way to make the Marines feel welcome, bringing them gifts such as coffee, watermelons, mangos and much more.

“It has been really good to experience the culture,” said Costorf. “I did not think it would be this nice here, nor did I anticipate the people would be as friendly and as welcoming as they have been.” 

Exercise Geiger Fury 2012 has allowed both the people of Tinian and the Marines of MAG-12, MWSS-171 to come together and resurrect the historical bonds that bind them. Everyone hopes there will be more training opportunities on Tinian in the future, further strengthening the professional cooperation and personal friendships that have so quickly developed here.