Magellan’s voyage to be recreated


Guam – In 3 years time the Government of Spain plans to retrace the historical voyage of Ferdinand Magellan which includes stopovers to Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, in honor of its 500th Anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world in 1521.

To prepare, Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje wants to ensure that Chamorros’ unique experience is represented, hence her plans to establish a provisional commission to oversee Guam’s participation, Inetnon Estudion I Umali’e yan Umafana’ I Taotao Hiyong Yan Taotao Tano’. Representatives from the executive and legislative branches, the Department of Chamorro Affairs, the Guam Museum, I Kumision I Fino’ CHamoru yan I Fina’nå’guen I Historia yan I Lina’la’ Taotao Tåno (The Commission on CHamoru Language and the Teaching of the History and Culture of the Indigenous People of Guam), University of Guam, Guam Preservation Trust, Guam Visitors Bureau, and various local cultural and historical organizations.

“It is important that representatives of the Guam government and community also play a critical role to help ensure that indigenous Chamorro perspectives are given a voice and that Guam be appropriately recognized in research, discussions, and various activities”, the Vice Speaker states, adding “The group will help ensure that the people of Guam have an opportunity to share our unique view of the first encounter between Pacific Islanders and Westerners in this region. ”