UPDATE: Magistrates hearings to be held in Superior Court


The Northern Court Satellite is closed due to a power outage.

Press Release – Due to an electrical problem at the Northern Court Satellite all magistrate hearings that were scheduled to be held at the Northern court today will instead be held in the Guam Judicial Center in Hagatna. The Northern Court Satellite will be closed for the remainder of the day while the electrical problem is being repaired. The magistrate’s hearings will be held in Judge Elyze McDonald Iriarte’s courtroom which was formerly the courtroom of Judge James Canto II. 

All hearings at the Judiciary of Guam’s Northern Court Satellite were postponed this morning due to a lack of electricity. These hearings will be rescheduled and notices will be sent out. Most of these hearings were traffic trials. An electrical problem at the Northern Court is currently being assessed. The electrical problem appears to be specific to the Northern Court Satellite as other tenants in the building still have electricity.  It is not clear at this time when the power will be restored. The Judiciary will issue an update on the status of the Northern Court Satellite as soon as more information becomes available.