Magma moving to surface of Taal; more eruptions possible

Hazardous explosive eruptions of Taal volcano are still possible within hours to days. (Photo courtesy ABC News)

Alert level 4 remains over Taal Volcano as of Wednesday but Philippine officials have ordered the mandatory evacuation of residents within the volcano’s 14-kilometer radius zone following the detection of ground fissures or cracks as a result of the continuing seismic activity.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, or PhiVolcs, are closely monitoring the volcanic and seismic activity within the island and surrounding communities. The appearance of ground fissures or cracks, according to PhiVolcs, could indicate the movement of magma to the surface.

Philippine government officials held another press conference yesterday to also update the community on the status of the evacuations within the volcano island and the surrounding communities.

As of Tuesday, more than 30,000 residents from Batangas and other communities have been moved to safer locations, outside of the danger zone.

PhiVolcs Undersecretary Renator Solidum Jr. said: “That is why we raised the level to 4. The earthquake means there is magma moving up to the surface. With the quake, we also saw fissuring in some of the communities surrounding Taal Volcano.

According to PhiVolcs, hazardous explosive eruptions are still possible within hours to days.