Mainland chef travels to Guam to cook Christmas feast for Navy crew

Executive Chef David Trevelino traveled to Guam to put a smile on all those sailors' faces. (ABC photo)


Celebrating Christmas thousands of miles from home and no chance of seeing family or even getting a good meal. That’s what Executive Chef David Trevelino’s son was facing.

His son joined the Navy five years ago and was aboard a submarine. Back then, his son knew he would be in port in Guam for Christmas.

“He asked me if we were coming out to see him for Christmas and if we were could I cook Christmas dinner on the submarine for the guys,” Trevelino said.

The Chef told his son he would be happy to. After hanging up the phone he made it his mission to plan the best Christmas dinner that crew had ever had.

He started putting together the menu right away, “filet mignons, crab cakes, lobster mac and cheese, Philly cheesecake soup” and the list goes on and on including a ton of desserts.

Chef Trevelino needed to raise some money for this feast, so as the Executive Chef of TPC Potomac Country Club, he reached out to the members and they responded generously. The first year he did it was a huge success and he knew his son was a popular guy on the submarine after that.

Chef Trevelino told me, “One of the jokes on the boat was that my son can’t leave because they were afraid his father wouldn’t come back and do the party again.”

Well, that didn’t happen. The Chef traveled to Guam each Christmas to cook his son and the crew a wonderful meal. Every year he went it got bigger and better.

Now six years later, his son is off the boat and back in the U.S., but this Christmas Chef Trevelino is heading back to Guam to put a smile on all those sailors’ faces.

“The biggest satisfaction of it all is watching them eat, taking their time, looking up and having a blast. They can’t get home to see anybody, they can’t. They are 8000 miles from home, so if I can bring some enjoyment through a meal, there is nothing better, and I don’t want to stop doing it.”