Mainland computer system change affecting some unemployment claims on Guam

GDOL PUA processing center (PNC file photo)

A “massive” computer system reprogramming change in how unemployment claims are processed in the mainland is affecting some claimants on Guam.

“There’s nothing that I can do here on Guam, and there’s nothing that the claimant can do. This is a system-based change that needs to be accomplished in the states. This is a massive reprogramming and they are not only doing this on Guam, but they’re also doing it in over half a dozen other states,” Guam Department of Labor director David Dell’Isola said in an interview with Jayne Flores over NewsTalk K57.

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According to Dell’Isola, most claimants on Guam under the third round of unemployment payments are unaffected by the system change. Those affected are mostly the so-called “exhausted” claimants or those who didn’t exhaust their claims on or before the March 18 cut-off date and now have to be added additional weeks to carry them through September 4.

“Those were the ones that were the most difficult to reprogram and figure out how to move them over to tier three,” Dell’Isola said.

Dell’Isola assured that the affected claimants on Guam have nothing to worry about and they will be switched over by next week to the new system specially programmed for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Thus, his advice to these claimants is to continue filing their claims because as the new software system rolls out, things will automatically sort themselves out.

“And so my advice is that if you open your claim and you see it saying that it has been exhausted, you can still file. It will say exhausted, but just continue to hold on and wait. You don’t have to call us. It’s just a system change and we’re working every day with the system providers so that they are aware,” Dell’Isola said.

He added that he is hopeful that the issue will be resolved by this coming Tuesday when GDOL processes another batch.

“So again, if you see a claim that says you’re exhausted, go ahead and still file your weeklies. We hope that before this Tuesday, those who are having issues will be corrected and those claims will switch over to the third tier ARPA and will be batched and paid next Tuesday,” Dell’Isola said.

He added: “And if they’re not, then after Tuesday, you can start reaching out to us, to correct those who didn’t get changed over. So a week from today.”