Maj. Frank B. Aguon, Jr. Back From Afghanistan


Guam – After proudly serving six months overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Maj. Frank B. Aguon, Jr., commander of the 254th Force Support Squadron, was proudly welcomed home June 3 by family and servicemembers.

Aguon was attached to the Combined Joint Task Force-1 as the Policy and Plans officer in charge, and assumed primary leadership of morale, welfare and recreation activities for the troops in the area of responsibility.

“Bringing entertainment to the members brought perhaps the greatest satisfaction during my deployment,” said Aguon. “Coordinating visits by people of notoriety for over 7,000 troops was so rewarding when you’re able to see them enjoy a moment of relief from their surroundings.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Aguon was also heavily tasked with the special immigration visa program for local nationals.

[Maj. Frank B. Aguon, Jr., commander of the 254th Force Support Squadron, is joined by fellow Guam Air National Guard servicemembers June 3 at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport in celebration of his redeployment]

“This tasking allowed me to see the significant progress we are making in helping local nationals assume responsibility of their country,” said Aguon. Through the special visa program, he helped facilitate the extensive approval process for local nationals that have made significant contributions to the progression overseas.

But in terms of what this has meant on the home front, Aguon says that his personnel responsibilities also brought light to the need to address some very trying deployment issues for our members.

“This experience has provided me with a direct perspective of what our airmen and soldiers are experiencing,” said Aguon. “One of my main focuses from here on out is to send the message that communication is reciprocal in nature. It is important for our families here and our troops in the field – it helps significantly to relieve the tension of deployment on both sides.”

Aguon served as an individual augmentee working alongside members of different U.S. military branches. This marks the completion of his second deployment to Afghanistan in support of OEF.