Major Delays Expected on Rt 1 Due to Overturned Cement Truck


Officials will be using heavy machinery to clear the area so all traffic lanes must be closed. Major traffic delays are to be expected for the next several hours.

Guam – The Guam Police Department is advising motorists to seek alternate routes near the Route 1 and Route 27 intersection on Harmon Loop Rd in Dededo as crews work to remove a cement truck.

GPD reports that a cement truck overturned this morning causing the closure of some lanes. However, heavy machinery is being used to clear the ara and as a result all south and north bound lanes will be closed.


From GPD:

Please be advised that due to the heavy machinery movement used to clear Route 1 Marine Corps Drive, Dededo by Route 27 Harmon Loop Road, all south and northbound lanes will be closed to allow machinery to move.  Please take alternate routea for both north and southbound traffic.  Expect major delays.


  1. GQPUBLIC Detective analysis of the above PIX speculates this scenario: Cement Truck driver, speeding, from Rt 14, making a Right turn at the STOP LIGHT onto Marine Drive. High Speed is necessary to cause center of gravity to lean and topple the truck. Picture indicates the REAR AXLE assembly separated from the main chassis frame. Poor maintenance and safety dictates practiced by the Owner of this Cement Mixer truck. This allows for suicidal truck driver, on drugs, alcohol, medicinal Meery Juana, poor health, beating a RED LIGHT, to jeopardize other autos/drivers lives. Who owns this truck? Perez Brothers, IBSS, some 3rd Rate operation! This story similar to another truck that collapsed near the Agana Pool; this truck made a left turn, collapsed and blocked traffic. GQPUBLIC never got informed of the Business that owned that truck and what caused the truck to COLLAPSE!. Jest stinking!

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