VIDEO: General Paulino Can’t Say Yet Whether Proposed Cut in Air National Guard Will Effect Guam’s Force


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo issued a statement two weeks ago saying she was concerned about cuts in the Defense Department’s budget, the Global Hawk force, and some “program changes that could create a hollow force in the Air National Guard.”

Guam National Guard Adjutant General Benny Paulino says he was notified the Air Force as a whole will be reduced by 10 thousand airmen. From that number, the Air National Guard will be reduced by 5,900 personnel. Major General Paulino mentions the information was released last Friday, which also included a reduction in air craft. However, he says the Guam Air Guard isn’t affected because they don’t have any flying missions.

“Now how many of those personnel spaces would affect the Guam Air National Guard remains to be seen” said Paulino. “I have not received any specific information regarding any cuts. I do want to say that we are in the Asia Pacific region. And right now, this region has a lot of focus, a lot of emphasis from the President and Secretary of Defense. The units we have are very critical to the mission of the United States Air Force. So I believe we’re in pretty good shape.”

Paulino adds if these cuts affect the Guard, it won’t happen overnight and should be phased out. He also says other options are available to military service members and that involuntary cuts are a last resort.