Majority of GWA Wells at High Risk for Contamination, Report States


The Office of Public Accountability released its audit of the Guam Waterworks Authority.

Guam – Some alarming details from the recently released audit on the Guam Waterworks Authority–a large percentage of their wells are at high risk for contamination.  


The Office of Public Accountability released the audit yesterday. The GWA Fiscal Year 2014 audit’s financial highlights states “Of the 122 wells, 77 are considered high risk, 39 moderate risk and 6 low risk.”

OPA auditors clarified for PNC that this information was provided to the OPA by an internal auditor from GWA and that the numbers were based off of a draft report conducted by a GWA consultant. The purpose for including these figures in the report, the OPA says, was to indicate that GWA is undergoing some major capital improvement projects to improve the protection of their water wells.

The audit does not specify which wells are at high risk and CCU Chairman Joe Duenas did not return our calls for comment as of news time. The GWA audit also says that the agency’s debt service will increase by the end of this fiscal year to $23 million, which is $9 million more than last fiscal year’s $14.2 million.

Deloitte and Touche, who conducted the independent audit, rendered a clean opinion and noted that GWA’s operating revenues went up by $7.9 million while its operating expenses actually decreased by $2.5 million.

You can read the OPA’s financial highlights by clicking on the file below.

Meanwhile, GWA Spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf released a statement on the agency’s 2014 Annual Water Quality Report which you can read below.

“Every year we release our annual water quality report to the public”, said Heidi Ballendorf spokesperson for GWA. “This report shows what and how we test our water system along 400 points”, she added.  “All water customers will receive a copy of the report in the mail this week, and it is also posted on our website under the communications division section”,  Ballendorf noted.  “The most important fact in the detailed report is that our water is SAFE to drink, and we hope our citizens of Guam will have confidence in drinking our water.”