Male pedestrian killed in Tamuning hit-and-run on Sunday morning

Blood appeared along the edge of Gov. Carlos Camacho Rd. after highway investigators left the scene of a fatal auto-pedestrian hit-and-run in the Camp Watkins area of Tamuning early Sunday morning.

Guam – A hit-and-run auto-pedestrian incident in Tamuning killed an unidentified man in the dark, early hours of Sunday morning.

“Yes, yes, this is definitely a hit-and-run crash,” Guam Police Dept. Spokesman Sgt. Paul S.N. Tapao told PNC on the scene.

“When our officers arrived, the responsible vehicle was not on scene, and there was indication that the vehicle had fled the scene prior to our officers’ arrival.”

According to a preliminary investigation now underway by local police, on Dec. 9, at around 3:15 a.m., officers from the Tumon Precinct Command responded to an auto-ped crash on Gov. Carlos Camacho Rd.  in the Camp Watkins area of Tamuning on the northern approach to Shirley’s Restaurant and Hotel Santa Fe.

“When our officers were on scene, we noted that all lights were working and there was good visibility that was provided by the streetlamps that [are] situated along the roadways,” the police sergeant said.

Tapao said police officers had yet to determine whether speed was a factor in the crash.

“We know that he was struck on the northbound outer lane, so there’s a possibility, a high chance of possibility, that the vehicle was traveling in that direction,” Tapao added.

Blood was visible on the edge of the roadway when PNC arrived on the scene.

When asked to confirm that police still had no idea who was responsible for the hit-and-run, nor the make or model of the vehicle that struck the man, Tapao said, “not at this time.”

“That’s why we are asking the community if anybody may have witnessed this crash to please give us a call.”

“As officers arrived, they discovered a lifeless male on the outer northbound lane,” Tapao wrote in a news statement released to island media at 10:30 a.m.

“Further assessment determined that the responsible vehicle had fled the scene. GPD’s Highway Patrol Division was activated to assume the case. This case remains open as crash investigators continue to work in obtaining any possible witnesses relative to this crash.

“Crash Investigators are asking the public, should anyone have any information, they can call 477-1169 or our GPD dispatchers at 472-8911; 475-8615-7.

“Information can also be submitted anonymously through the Guam Crime Stoppers 24-hour hotline at 477-HELP or online, at,” Tapao wrote.

“This brings us to our twenty-third fatal crash, and this is our twenty-first traffic crash that led to a fatality. And we want to close up the year in a high note and try to bring down our crashes, our serious crashes –and more, our fatal crashes– that we’re seeing happening on our island,” Tapao told PNC at the scene of the hit-and-run on Sunday.

“As of this time, we have not identified the victim. We’re going to be working with the Guam Memorial Hospital, and we are going to be reaching out to possible next-of-kin to help us identify the victim that was pronounced deceased earlier this morning as a result of this fatal crash,” Tapao said.

“We’re closing off the year and, more importantly, we’re celebrating this holiday season. Please, we ask everyone, should you choose to drink, should you choose to celebrate, designate a responsible, sober driver.

“We’re seeing an uptick in auto-pedestrian fatalities. If you’re choosing to walk, make sure that you have not consumed alcohol that’s gonna impair your judgment.”