Malesso heart statue broke during inclement weather but residents determined to fix it

The "Heart of Malesso" is one of the most popular spots on island, especially for those taking Instagram photos. (PNC file photo)

Malesso’s iconic Heart Statue broke during Wednesday’s inclement weather but a resident of the village says he’s determined to fix it.

The Malesso heart statue broke due to harsh winds, rain, and flooding.

The heart statue is a popular and free attraction for tourists, locals, and military. It is located at the Malesso Bell Tower park across San Dimas Catholic Church of the village.

People fell in love with the statue and many take pictures with it on a daily basis, especially with the Cocos Island view behind the statue. It has helped enhance the beauty and hospitality of Guam.

Steve Cruz, one of the builders of the statue, said that originally, the statue was just for Valentine’s Day in 2019. But they left it there due to high popular demand.

This was not the first time the statue got damaged. Back in December 2020, the heart statue was vandalized on Christmas Eve.

The good news is that the Malesso Heart Statue will be built once again.

“We can’t afford to let it stay down. I’ve got to regroup with family and friends to help put this thing together. Yeah, no we can’t let this stay down. It needs to get right back up. We just need to regroup to figure out how we’re going to do this,” Cruz said.

The statue will be rebuilt bigger and stronger and put back up.

Cruz said the rebuilding will take a budget and some expertise to fortify the material.

“We did this out of pocket back then. Like you said, we gotta make it more…fortify it… make it a lot stronger…to weather and all these conditions and that’s part of our options,” Cruz said.