Malfunctioning fire system causes damage to GRMC’s MRI machine

Guam Regional Medical City (PNC file photo)

Guam – There was a little scare at the Guam Regional Medical City today, resulting in damage to the hospital’s MRI machine.

PNC received word that there may have been a fire situation at GRMC, but officials from the hospital have clarified that there was never any safety risk to patients, visitors or staff.

GRMC explains that its fire suppression system in its MRI room malfunctioned, causing it to turn on. The Guam Fire Department conducted an investigation and determined that there was no fire or smoke present.

“GRMC is working with Phoenix Pacific (Guam), Inc., the company that installed and maintains our fire suppression system, to determine what triggered the system to activate,” the hospital said in a release.

As a result of damage caused to the MRI machine, patients needing an MRI will have to contact Guam Radiology Consultants or FHP Clinic.