VIDEO: Malissa Jean Reyes Charged With Misdemeanor Assault and Disorderly Conduct for Agana Shopping Center Pepper Spraying Incident


Guam – The suspect in the incident that sickened 16 people at the Agana Shopping Center Tuesday told police that she did not intentionally discharge the pepper spray.

31 year old Malissa Jean Reyes was formally charged in Superior Court today [Thursday] with 9 counts of assault as a misdemeanor and a disorderly conduct charge as a petty misdemeanor.

According to the magistrate report, 5 employees of Docomo and 4 employees of Vitamin World fell ill. The victims experienced  coughing, difficulty breathing, and impaired vision. 3 employees had to be taken to GMH for treatment. Several stores had to be evacuated and closed for  rest of the evening.

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE

Police reviewed the surveillance video from the Docomo store. It showed a woman spraying a substance into the air and afterwards, the reports states, she could be seen smiling.

One of the officers viewing the video recognized the suspect on the surveillance video as Malissa Jean Reyes.

When officers later confronted her, the Magistrate reports says she “spontaneously uttered, ‘I know why you guys are here. I sprayed that thing. I got scared and didn’t know what to do.'”

The report also states that Reyes did not immediately inform authorities what she had done because she was scared, however the report also says she admitted she did not immediately leave the Agana Shopping Center because she was “curious as to how the situation was going to be handled.”

Reyes was ordered held on $5-thousand dollars cash bail.  Court Spokesman Joshua Tenorio says she has not yet been released.

Her arraignment is scheduled for August 21st.