Mama Char releases ‘Funky Love’ music video

A scene from Mama Char's "Funky Love" video.

In local artist news, the music video for “Funky Love” by Sorensen Media Group’s very own Mama Char is out right now.

Known islandwide as Mama Char, he has been in the media industry as a radio DJ for about a decade on Power 98.

Talking about his single, “Funky Love”, Mama Char says what he loves about it is how relatable it is and the collaborative effort it took to get it off the ground.

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“The reason why it’s called Funky Love is it’s a story about the chase, like when I say the chase, it’s like I’m pretty sure there had to be somebody in your life that you were just like, oh my God, I need to date him or her … like I want to get to know him or her so that’s what it’s about. It’s written about the chase, it’s written about the flirtation, it’s written about the beginnings before a relationship and that’s what Funky Love is because they really put you in a funk and that’s where the beauty and the magic came to be with this song,” Mama Char said.

“Funky Love was produced by Kuya Nino ( producer and creator of Rebel Records PH, Alejandro Nino) Alejandro and of course my amazing Guam musician, his name is Jason Burkhart. He played a huge role as well on the track and we have Warner Music … and there are so many people I can say thank you too,” Mama Char added.

One fun fact about the video is that it was filmed a week before the island went on lockdown. That’s why it was launched only a few days ago.

Mama Char would also like to thank Ian Monsod and Kelley Mangahas of Warner Music Philippines for releasing Funky Love worldwide.

In addition, Mama Char says that there are more singles in the works to come out soon. He is currently working on two.

While more music is being put out, Mama Char says he wants everyone to enjoy the journey he’s going on through his music.

You can find Funky Love and more on Mama Char’s social media handles at MamaChar Music.