Man accused of abuse, family violence

Kn Niosy

A man has been arrested after allegedly hitting and abusing a woman and two children ages five and six.

On April 1, a woman reported to the Guam Police Department that KN Niosy, 28, also known as Jameson or Ken Niosy, assaulted her and the two children the day prior.

He was accused of hitting the children with a belt as well as punching, chocking and throwing the woman to a sofa in the residence, according to a magistrate’s complaint filed in the Superior Court of Guam.

Court documents state Niosy took the victim’s phone and instructed the three of them into a room, making them stay there for a few hours.

He was further accused of throwing a box of milk to the woman after she asked Niosy to leave. The charging documents state he dragged the victim by the hair while she was trying to run.

Niosy was arrested and charged with four counts of family violence, child abuse and unlawful restraint.

He entered deferred and guilty pleas for past family violence charges.