Man admits to Swamp Road shooting but claims he was just defending his cousins

Matthew San Agustin Manibusan (DOC photo)

Matthew Jay San Agustin Manibusan has admitted to shooting Joshua James Meno in the Swamp Road shooting incident and has now been charged with murder.

However, Manibusan claims he was just defending his cousins and that Meno had a machete and threatened to harm them.

According to the magistrate’s report on the case, GPD officers responded to a report of a deceased individual later identified as Joshua James Meno (the victim) found by the roadside at Swamp Road, Dededo, on Thursday, April 15, at approximately 2:13 p.m.

Officers said they observed a blood trail from Meno’s lifeless body that led towards a residence off the roadway, which was inhabited by Matthew Jay San Agustin Manibusan, his girlfriend Jessica Smith (witness 1), and his cousins, Jathan Acfalle (witness 2), Matthew Acfalle (witness 3), and Noah Acfalle (witness 4).

Robert Ignacio (witness 5), an acquaintance of Manibusan, was also present.

The GPD investigation yielded information that earlier that evening, victim Meno had stopped by to have a cigarette and dinner with the inhabitants of the home.

According to witnesses, Meno became embroiled in an argument with Jathan Acfalle, in the course of which Meno injured Jathan on the neck with his machete. Jathan reportedly ran into the home and alerted Manibusan, who walked out of his house with a pistol and shot Meno, court documents stated.

The home was surrounded by junk vehicles and Meno had reportedly been surrounded by junk cars. The only accessible route of retreat or escape for Meno was to either go towards the Acfalle brothers or towards Manibusan.

After Meno was shot, Noah Acfalle reported Meno ran out into the roadway and he followed Meno, but lost sight of him after a few moments. Officers noted a wound on Meno’s lower right rib area that was consistent with a gunshot wound.

According to the magistrate’s report, Manibusan admitted he shot Meno, but claims Meno had been threatening his cousins while brandishing a machete, and that he was afraid Meno would hurt him or his girlfriend in the home, so he shot Meno first.

Manibusan provided specific instructions to the officers to locate the pistol, which was recovered within a hidden compartment inside a school bus situated immediately beside the home. Manibusan did not possess a valid firearms ID and is currently on parole.

Manibusan was charged with one (1) count of murder (as a first-degree felony), in violation of Title 9 G.C.A. § 16.40(a)(2) and (b), with special allegation possession or use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, in violation of Title 9 G.C.A. §80.37.