Man arrested for drugs says he’s been smoking ‘meth’ since he was nine

Gil Taitingfong Santos

A man arrested for drug possession told police that he has been smoking “ice” since he was nine years old.

Police noticed Gil Taitingfong Santos after he parked his motorcycle inside a bus stop in Maite.

When officers approached him about the bike, they said Santos became agitated and they noticed a bulge under his left arm.

Concerned, they asked him whether he was concealing anything. Santos told them he was on probation and fled on foot.

Once he was captured by police, they searched him and confiscated meth and an improvised glass pipe.

Police told Santos he was being arrested for drug possession…to which he replied that they were “for personal use”… and that he has been smoking meth since he was nine years old.

Santos was booked and confined on the charge of possession of a schedule two controlled substance.


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Jolene Toves
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