Man Arrested for Possession of a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance


Joluo Soiken was arrested this past Tuesday under the charge of possession of a schedule 2 controlled substance with the intent to deliver.

PNC’s Don Sulat has the details on this story

According to a magistrates report – Soiken was arrested for Possession of a Schedule 2 controlled substance with intent to deliver as a 1st-degree felony and possession of a schedule 2 controlled substance as a 3rd-degree felony.

According to a media release from the Guam Police Department – on May 24th – GPD’s Special Investigation Section Agents acted on a Crime Stoppers tip and were conducting surveillance in the Tumon area relative to possible drug activity.

GPD further reported that during the course of the surveillance operation – SIS Agents noted a man carrying a bag, entering the passenger side of a vehicle with expired license plates.

According to GPD, Agents followed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop in the K-Mart parking lot. During the traffic stop, GPD reported that the driver of the vehicle did consent to a search.

As a result, GPD located 138 grams of methamphetamine in the bag carried by the passenger, with an additional 203 grams of methamphetamine located as well.

Court documents stated that Soiken admitted to smoking methamphetamine the day before getting caught.

Moreover, according to the magistrates report, GPD officers seized a total of 341 grams of suspected methamphetamine.

Court documents also stated that a video of Soiken – processing and packaging the suspected methamphetamine while at a residence was also recovered.

GPD reports that Soiken was booked and confined at the Department of Correction, and that the case has been forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution.

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