Man arrested for terrorizing was estranged lover of GHURA employee

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (PNC file photo)

Details of the incident that forced the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA) main office to go into lockdown on Wednesday indicate that the man arrested for terrorizing was an estranged lover of a GHURA employee.

This isn’t the first time Giovanni Joe Akima violated the court protective order prohibiting him from entering the GHURA main office premises.

He first showed up on Monday, January 11. The victim reported that Akima had asked to meet with her and asked her for a hug. The victim told Akima that he was not supposed to be there but instead of leaving he replied, “I know, don’t worry they all know that I’m a boss here.”

“Then the defendant began scolding, flicking off the GHURA workers and the passers-by in the area. When Victim 1 was walking back into the office, she heard defendant begin arguing with the people around him while departing from the parking lot,” stated the magistrate complaint on the case.

Two days later, Akima returned with a knife and a gun.

“Victim 2 reported that he checked on a vehicle that was parked at the GHURA Employee Parking area and encountered Defendant. When Victim 2 asked him if he could assist him, Defendant stated that he was waiting for Victim 1. When Victim 2 told Defendant that Victim 1 was not available at the time and to remove his vehicle from the employee parking area, Defendant became aggressive and called him out to fight,” stated court documents.

Akima allegedly brandished a knife and pointed it at the GHURA employee, while calling him out to fight. The employee told him to leave, in response Akima reached into his vehicle, allegedly grabbed a gun and pointed it at the employee.

The employee told police he feared for his life because he did not know Akima and felt he would be able to hurt him.

“Defendant then dropped the gun on the ground, and told Victim 2 to watch himself and that he was going to come back with his gang. When Victim 2’s co-worker exited the building, Defendant entered his vehicle and left the area. Victim 2 locked the gate to the employee parking area, and looked at the gun that the Defendant dropped on the ground, and noticed that it was a “B3” gun. This altercation was witnessed by another GHURA employee, who subsequently placed the GHURA building on lockdown,” stated the complaint.

Earlier that day Akima attempted to gain entry into the building. A witness told police that Akima approached the doorway demanding to speak with Victim 1.

She asked if he had an appointment with Victim 1, which he denied. She stated that Defendant then “looked towards the top of the hill” and said “Boss, do you want to handle this. I’m about to open this flicking door.” She stated that she immediately closed the door and locked the doorknob, and proceeded to inform Victim 1 of the Defendant’s presence,” according to the complaint.

Prior to these incidents Akima was ordered by Superior Court Judge Vernon Perez to stay 500 feet away from the victim’s residence, place of employment, and school. He was specifically ordered not to go to GHURA or contact GHURA officials unless summoned upon. He was also ordered to have no contact with Victim 1.

The order was issued on August 30, 2019.

Akima was charged with the following offenses:

= Two counts of Terrorizing as a Third-Degree Felony with the special allegation of possession or use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony,

= Three counts of violation of a court order as a misdemeanor,

= Assault as a misdemeanor,

= Harassment as a petty misdemeanor, and

= Disorderly conduct as a petty misdemeanor

He was booked and confined.


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