Man Arrested in Inmate to Inmate Sexual Assault


An inmate-to-inmate crime occurred at the Department of Corrections this past February. The victim’s sexual assault complaint this past March led to the arrest of Zachary Cruz.

Zachary Cruz faces charges of 1st degree and 2nd degree Criminal Sexual Conduct — both as 1st degree felonies.

As well as 3rd degree and 4th degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as second and third degree felonies respectively.

According to the official Magistrate’s Report, Corrections Officer interviewed the victim-inmate based on a sexual complaint that the inmate filed.

The victim shared that Cruz participated in the sexual assault of the victim.

Court Documents state that, in February, Cruz and several other inmates held the victim down while Cruz and the others took turns telling the victim to perform unwarranted sexual acts.

Cruz initially refused but another inmate threatened him with sexual violence and started punching the victim.

According to court documents, the victim wrote that he was forced to commit the sexual act for 15 minutes.

Police arrested Cruz on a different matter and interviewed him about the alleged sexual assault.

Cruz denied that he was involved but confirmed that THAT certain inmate was the victim of the assault.

This case is closed and has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for Prosecution.