Man beats, rapes wife for refusing to buy him beer


Police say the husband admitted to “whatever my wife says.”

Guam – A husband is facing rape charges after he allegedly beat and raped his wife for refusing to buy him beer.

Michael Oscar Brikul, 35, was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct as a first degree felony, family violence as a third degree felony and family violence as a misdemeanor.

Police say the victim contacted police after she was able to run to a nearby hotel to report that her husband had beat and raped her. Police say it all started when Brikul’s wife refused to purchase more beer for her husband. 

“The victim attempted to leave the residence but [Brikul] blocked her, closed the door and pushed her into the bathroom where she sat on the floor,” a magistrate report states.

Police say the husband then barged into the restroom carrying a chair and demanded his wife to perform oral sex on him. When the victim refused, police say Brikul demanded, “No, you don’t have a choice because you’re wife and I’m your husband.”

This is when police say Brikul began to assault his wife as he forced her to perform oral sex. “[Brikul] punched the victim’s left arm and kicked her left leg,” police say.

According to the report, Brikul then took his wife into the bedroom and raped her. But it didn’t end there. The victim told police that her husband took her back to the restroom and demanded her to perform oral sex again, but when she told him she was too tired, he allegedly told her, “I don’t care, you eat.”

According to police, this is not the first time that Brikul was violent with his wife. When he was interviewed, police say Brikul admitted “whatever my wife says, it is true.”

Police say they observed bruising on the victim’s arm and rib cage.