Man bitten by pig behind Tamuning bar

There is a feral pig on the loose in Tamuning behind the AK area. (Viewer submitted photo)

A man was bitten by a feral pig in Tamuning yesterday evening and he had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

GFD spokeswoman Cherika Chargualaf confirmed that a Tamuning man was bitten by a pig behind Olie’s Bar in Tamuning about 6:30 p.m. last night.

She said he suffered a leg injury. His name and current condition are not known.

She said paramedics had to take him to Naval Hospital.

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Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera hadn’t heard of the incident but she said she knows there is a feral pig in that area.

“I have heard about a pig in Tamuning, behind the AK area. This is the only pig that I know of that was on the loose, that I saw for myself on a video clip through social media. I was not informed about the person being injured and so we’ll continue to go out and look for the pig and make sure animal control is aware of it as well,” the mayor said.

It is not clear if the pig mentioned and seen by Rivera is the same pig that bit the man, but businesses in the area have reported feeding and even petting what they believe to be a feral pig that lives in the jungle behind the JWS Air Conditioning offices on Tun Jose Salas Street.