Man Charged For Raping Young Woman


34-year-old Francis Mannaky was arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old minor.

According to the official magistrate’s report, on March 15th, officers were dispatched to an elementary school after being notified that a female student, told school personnel that she had been sexually assaulted by someone she knew.

The report states that on Sunday, March 13th, she was watching T.V. when Mannaky told her to follow him into a bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Mannaky told the minor to massage his legs, and while doing so, Mannaky then proceeded to touch the victim’s breast and quote “private parts in front” end quote.

The magistrate report further stated that Mannaky had forced the victim to lay down on the bed, held down her arms, and inserted his penis into her vagina. The magistrates further stated that the victim told Mannaky to stop because he was hurting her.

Mannaky was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and second-degree criminal sexual conduct, both as a first-degree felony.