Man complains GPD not acting on his assault case

Ken Rosario is pleading with GPD to make an arrest out of fear that his assailants may hurt others.

A man who was kidnapped, robbed, and stabbed has come forward, sharing his dismay at how the Guam Police Department is handling his case, telling PNC that despite local authorities having information about his attackers’ whereabouts, no arrests have been made.

He is now pleading with GPD to make an arrest out of fear that his assailants may hurt others.

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Ken Rosario was about to get off of work when he received a phone call from a woman known to him. Angelica called offering him a ride home on June 22nd. Rosario accepted but instead of taking him home, she took him to an area where Manuel Babauta showed up with a bat and knife before driving him to a secluded area in Yigo.

“I am just sitting there, you know, like I can’t believe this is happening and I can’t believe she is doing this to me. And then she holds the knife to my neck and says ‘so what is the punishment you deserve?” Rosario recalled.

Rosario just kept quiet in fear for his life

“She turns off the vehicle and then tells me to ‘get out let’s go for a walk.’ I already knew she has the knife in her hand the whole time but its a switchblade. So I get out and she comes towards me punching me in the stomach and the whole time she was punching me, I’m thinking I am getting stabbed. But I just feel her knuckles,” Rosario recalled.

As this is happening, Rosario said Babauta was still holding the bat. Rosario could only think he was going to be tortured and killed.

“The whole time, she is telling me who are you to mess with my family and I think she was referring to her cousin. Even though its pitch black there, she raises her hand and she attempts to stab me. I already knew that I am going to get stabbed in the neck so I raised my arm up to block and she stabs me two times and tells me you like pain?” Rosario said.

As he was being stabbed twice in the shoulder, Rosario said Babauta was removing Rosario’s belongings from the vehicle. At this point, Rosario says he knew they were going to leave him for dead. He then managed to escape by fleeing through the jungle.

Rosario was treated for his injuries but he says he is in fear for the safety of his family knowing that police have not made an arrest despite having information regarding their whereabouts.

He said that prior to this incident, Babauta had held him at knifepoint, punched him several times in the face, and allegedly robbed him and stole the vehicle he was driving.

GPD Spokesman Sgt Paul Tapao, meanwhile, says that the case is still active and they are in receipt of information regarding the whereabouts of the assailants. However, no arrest has been made.


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