Man convicted for sexual assault of child


Lawrence Vincent C. Fergurgur pleaded guilty for his assault of a four-year-old girl in September 2020. The assault included his intent to commit criminal sexual conduct with the child. Judge Jonathan R. Quan approved the terms of the plea agreement.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 24, 2021 at 10:30 am. At sentencing, the prosecuting attorney will argue for four years incarceration, the maximum sentence under the terms of the plea agreement. In addition to the jail time he will serve, the defendant must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The young victim and her mother, through the support of their victim advocate, have been continuously involved and regularly informed throughout the progression of the case. Their input was heavily considered when deciding to convict by plea agreement instead of proceeding to trial.

Prosecuting Attorney Courtney Scalice said, “Justice, in this case, is not only about holding the defendant accountable for his deplorable behavior, but it is about doing the right thing for a little girl. Her young age gave the People great concern about the potential retraumatization by testifying at a trial and her ability to communicate to the jury. It is our hope that the resolution of this case will give the family peace and further support their healing process.”

(AG Release)