Man dead in Yigo shooting; victim identified

GPD personnel are shown in an area in Yigo where the Keith Castro shooting occurred on Sunday, July 28.

A shooting occurred in Yigo last night and while police provided little details about the incident, they have confirmed that a man has died. PNC visited the scene Monday morning

Yellow caution tape and police vehicles continued to block off a home on Tun Fred Cabesa street in Yigo where a reported shooting incident occurred on Sunday.

Authorities received the report just before 9 p.m., but little in the way of information has been provided about the incident as they continue to investigate the case.

What is known so far is that a man in his 30s has died from injuries sustained in what appears to have been a shooting incident. And as police work to figure out what transpired PNC did a little investigating of our own.

First, we spoke with the next-door neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous. The neighbor shared that the area where the shooting occurred is a quiet family neighborhood, one that is typically safe. While the neighbor was not home during the incident she says when she arrived home it was quiet despite authorities working on the scene.

The neighbor said the family at the home where the shooting occurred was a quiet one. However, she was unaware of who the man may be. She said learning about the shooting did not change her perception of the neighborhood but acknowledged the need to be “slightly more attentive to our surroundings.”

While on the scene, PNC witnessed a female individual emerge from a police vehicle before darting into the home. The woman made a second appearance, however, authorities took precautions to ensure our cameras did not capture her image. This raises the question: could she be a possible witness? Or a suspect? PNC spoke with GPD Spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao in hopes of gaining clarification.

PNC asked if the woman seen getting out of one of the police cars is a resident here?

“That one I can’t disclose. It’s still part of the ongoing investigation. This is the preliminary phase, the infancy stage of the investigation. Our detectives have been working since late last night and they continue to work in bringing closure again as more information should arise. I will provide that to the media and to the community,” Tapao said.

The Guam Fire Department confirmed that they also responded to the shooting incident. At the scene, GFD personnel encountered a male individual in need of medical attention. Police say the man was found unresponsive.

PNC asked if the man had multiple injuries. “I can’t disclose the injuries,” Tapao said.

The unidentified man was taken to the Guam Regional Medical City. GFD Spokesman Kevin Reilly says that CPR was conducted on the man enroute to the hospital.

Police have confirmed that the man was pronounced deceased by attending physicians at 9:50 p.m.

Tapao says that Criminal Investigation Division detectives are on the case.
“For now, we are classifying it as a shooting and we can’t disclose any other information other than the directions our investigators are going with this case,” Tapao said.

As authorities work to collect evidence in the case mum is the word, as they declined to disclose if the victim was discovered inside or outside of the home and if a gun or weapon was found.

For now, the case remains a shooting investigation, Whether the case would be reclassified or not will be determined as the case develops. An autopsy is pending.

According to a family friend, the victim is Keith Castro.