Man Dies in Fatal Stabbing; Father of Victim Shares his Story


Ike Chargualaf gives PNC and exclusive interview about how he learned of his son’s death.

Guam – A 32-year-old man is dead after he was stabbed early this morning by a suspect who was reportedly causing trouble in the neighborhood. PNC spoke with Ike Chargualaf, the father of Felipe Reyes, the stabbing victim who died this morning.

At 8 this morning, Chargualaf and his wife were at home ready to start the day when they got an unexpected visit from their son’s boss.

Chargualaf explains that his son’s boss came over to break the news that his son was stabbed the night before and was taken to the Guam Memorial Hospital. Stunned and shocked, Chagualaf says the boss explained that the suspect was causing trouble at his residence in Machanao Dededo.

“They told me that this guy was drinking and then he came and just out of the blue he stabbed my son. He was saying he’s gonna stab the mother, he’s gonna stab the boss, the owner of the company where my son is staying,” explains Chargualaf.

Chargualaf and his wife went over to GMH to look for their son, Felipe Reyes. But at the time GMH did not have a name for the victim. It wasn’t until Chargualaf told GMH staff that his son had been stabbed that they were able to lead him to his son.

They were taken to the recovery room but were told by doctors that their son was brain dead and there’s was nothing more they could do for them. Chargalaf and his wife had to make the difficult decision right there to take their son off of life support. He died between 10 and 11 this morning. Chargualaf describes what his son was like.

“He’ll go out of his way to help people … if you need help he’ll stop by and help you,” recalls Chargualaf.

And the grieving father says he hopes that more can be done to tighten immigration laws for criminals who are not US Citizens. Chargualaf says he was told that the suspect was Chuukese.

“If they’re not supposed to be here and they’re not American citizens or what, have them deported,” he says.

7:08PM UPDATE: After PNC inquired with GPD about the case, Spokesman AJ Balajadia said police arrested 42-year-old Fred Isitero John and charged him with murder, aggravated assault, special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. He was booked and confined.