Man escapes from Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center has seen an increase in the number of island residents contacting the crisis hotline.

A man under the custody of the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center escaped from the facility this weekend.

During the center’s evening fresh air break, Lance Quitigua jumped over the fence at Behavioral Health, according to GBHWC Director Theresa Arriola.

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Facility security and the Guam Police Department were alerted of the incident and GPD officers found Quitigua a few hours later.

Arriola says that Quitigua was court-ordered to Behavioral Health for assessment. He was recently charged with vehicular theft and burglary.

According to DOC Operations Commander Major Antone Aguon, Quitigua is now in DOC’s custody.

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“My understanding is that he did leave the facility a few days ago, but is now in our custody. GPD picked him up and he is now in our care until the court determines the next course of action,” Aguon said.