Man Faces Charges for Failure to Pay Taxes


Francisco Roberto Santos is accused of failing to file a return and pay taxes in 2008-2012

Guam – The Guam Attorney General’s Office has filed action in District Court against a resident for not paying his required taxes or filing an income tax return.

According to court documents Francisco Roberto Santos failed to file with the Department of Revenue and Taxation for five years beginning in 2008. He faces a misdemeanor count for each year.
The documents state that Santos received a gross income of more than 249,600 all of the years he’s accused of not filing, with his 2012 gross income of 274,077.85 He’s been summoned to appear in court later this month.



  1. A precedent has already been established with the way the government handled Dennis Rodriguez Sr. and his wife who evaded paying income taxes for a period of years. Was there any jail time? No. Was there any penalties applied? Who knows? Are they paying the full amount of what is owed? Definitely not. How then can the government punish this guy when the Rodriguez’s did the very same thing and got away unscathed?
    If he is found guilty and gets time, we’ll all know that it’s not what you know but who you know that reigns supreme here on Guam.

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