Man facing attempted murder for trying to run over cop with stolen Range Rover


The officer pulled out his service weapon and fired at the vehicle as it tried to run him over.

Guam – A man and his teenage passenger who stole a Range Rover vehicle from a gated community and took it for a drunken joy ride are now facing attempted murder charges after they attempted to run over a cop during a traffic stop. 

According to Acting Guam Police Spokesman Officer Paul Tapao, just before 3 a.m. Wednesday, a police officer pulled over a speeding Range Rover observed along Harmon Loop Rd. Initially, the driver obeyed the officer, pulled over and parked at the Sateena Mall in Dededo. When the officer walked over and looked inside the vehicle, he saw two men.

According to police, the officer walked back to his patrol car to verify the information provided to him by the driver of the vehcle. But it was during this time that the officer says the suspects attempted to flee.

First, the driver, later identified as 22-year-old Marvin Rechim, stepped out of the car and walked over to the passenger side. Rechim eventually went back inside the call when the officer ordered him to do so.

That’s when, according to Tapao, Rechim turned on the engine and began backing out of a parking stall. This led the officer to pull out his service weapon at which point he ordered Rechim to stop.

But police say Rechim didn’t stop, which prompted the officer to shoot at the vehicle as Rechim apparently tried to run him over.

From there, Rechim drove toward East Liguan Ave. to escape the police. Tapao says backup eventually arrived as police officers began canvassing the area. While there, they spotted the Range Rover which had been abandoned by the suspects.

Then a call came into police dispatch from a security officer at the Pacific Gardens Apartments on Carnation Rd. in Dededo about a suspicious-looking man who was seen climbing over a fence.

Police arrived on the scene where the officer who initially pulled over Rechim positively identified him as the fugitive who attempted to run him over.

Rechim was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault on a police officer, eluding a police officer, theft of a motor vehicle, DUI, reckless driving, and jurisdiction over an adult, among other charges.

Police also arrested the second suspect, a 16-year-old male who was sent to DYA. He was charged with theft of a motor vehicle, eluding a police officer, beyond control, underage consumption of alcohol and curfew violation.

Police say the Range Rover was reported stolen earlier in the evening from the Talo Verde Estates in Tamuning and the two suspects apparently took it for a joy ride.

No injuries in the case were reported. Tapao says he case has been forward to the internal affairs division for an administrative investigation.