Man gets 4 years for stealing, forging local checks


Sebastian Taman was sentenced Friday by Judge Alberto Lamorena to 4 years’ incarceration at the Department of Corrections.

The prosecution argued for the maximum time of six years laid out in the plea agreement.

The defendant was convicted in March of two counts of Theft of Property as a Third Degree Felony and three counts of Forgery as a Third Degree Felony for stealing from two stores and cashing forged checks originating from multiple local businesses.

Prosecuting Attorney Rolland Wimberley said, “We take property crimes seriously because it not only deprives and defrauds local businesses, but places an unnecessary cost on our community as a whole, especially as we try to rebuild our economy from Covid-19. We thank the court for its thoughtful consideration on the length of imprisonment for the defendant.”

(AG Release)