Man Involved in Car Accident In Ipan/Talofofo Dies


GFD units responded to the crash which happened between Togcha cemetery and the Country Club of the Pacific for a one vehicle accident involving an “auto vs. utility pole.”

Guam –  The man who was killed in the first auto fatality of 2016 has been identified and his cause of death has been determined.


 According to GPD officer Paul Tapao, medical examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola conducted an autopsy on 32 year-old Kantero Aled and determined that he died as a result of whiplash. On Sunday night, GPD and Guam fire officials reported a car accident along route 4 in Ipan/Talofofo. GPD officials say that Aled was driving a Red Nissan Frontier going southbound when he crashed into a utility pole. Aled was initially listed in critical condition but Tapao says he died of his injuries at 4:35 Monday morning. Aled was pronounced dead by lt. Commander J.F. Quail, a representative of naval hospital where the man was taken. According to Guam Fire Department spokesman Kevin Reilly, firefighters had to extricate the victim, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle. Rescue personnel performed CPR on Aled while en route to the hospital. This is the first auto-related fatality of the year on Guam.





  1. I happened to be heading north on this stretch of road at the time of the accident. There were numerous flashing lights in the distance and the traffic slowed to a stop. After several minutes, cars ahead of me began turning around and heading in the direction of Talofofo because this road was now closed. I wondered as I drove towards the village if the person or persons in the vehicle were hurt or killed. This really is a reminder for all drivers out there to slow down. For such a small island, it’s disturbing to be driving 45 mph and other drivers are passing you. What’s the rush? You’ll get there sooner or later. Better to arrive alive as the saying goes.

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