Man says he violently sexually assaulted by deceased former priest in mid-70s

Archdiocese of Agana (PNC file photo)

Guam – Another sex abuse lawsuit has been filed against the Archdiocese of Agana and against deceased former priest Raymond Cepeda.

Represented by Attorney David Lujan, the case was filed in Superior Court by an individual named Andy. Court documents note, however, that Andy is a fictitious name used to protect the plaintiff’s identity.

The victim says he was violently assaulted by Cepeda in the mid-70s when he was an altar boy.

On one particular Sunday at the Dededo Parish, Andy says Cepeda intentionally spilled church wine on his cassock to force Andy to remove his clothes. Andy obeyed Cepeda and removed his cassock but kept his underwear on.

That’s when the victim says Cepeda ripped his underwear off and began sexually assaulting him. Andy says he attempted to fight off the priest and even screamed for help, but Cepeda was too powerful.

The victim says Cepeda eventually calmed down to try to convince him not to expose what just happened so Andy used this opportunity to escape. He ran to a store across the street, hid there for an hour in fear for his life. Andy only emerged when he saw his brother and his ride come for him.

Court documents state that Andy never shared this horrific and traumatizing experience with anyone and he eventually left the church.

Andy is seeking $5 million in damages.