Man sentenced to 4 years for assault on 4-year-old girl


Lawrence Vincent C. Fergurgur was sentenced Friday to four years incarceration by Judge Alberto E. Tolentino on a conviction of assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct on a four-year-old girl in 2020.

In June, former Prosecuting Attorney Courtney Scalice secured the conviction through a
plea agreement approved by Judge Jonathan R. Quan. Attorney Scalice noted great
concerns prosecutors had regarding the young age of the victim and the stress that a trial
would have caused for her and her family.

The young victim and her mother’s input were heavily considered prior to offering the plea
agreement and through today, when the defendant was sentenced. Through their victim
advocate, they have been continuously involved and regularly informed throughout the
progression of the case.

“Justice never has one face. What constitutes justice in our system must be dictated by the
individual facts of a case. I do believe justice was done in this instance,” said Prosecuting
Attorney Jeremiah Luther.

“This was a difficult case involving a very young victim. I would like to thank the victim
and her mother for their patience and keeping the lines of communication open,” he