Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Nimitz Hill Home Invasion


Raymond Tedtaotao was convicted last year to 55 years for his role in a Nimitz Hill home invasion case that left the victim paralyzed. 

Guam – The man behind the Nimitz Hill Home Invasion case is getting 10 years shaved off his prison sentence. On Monday, Raymond Tedtaotao was sentenced for the third time in this case after he won an appeal.



For the third time since his arrest for his role in a home invasion case, Raymond Tedtaotao was in court to be sentenced. Prosecutor Sean Brown argued for a max sentence for Tedtaotao.


“Future criminals who are debating what are they going to do? Are they going to break into somebody’s house? Take their property? Well if we have a 45 year sentence in this case then they are going to think twice about it, maybe get a job or public assistance, the thing is they are going to think twice and they are going to say its not worth it,” said Brown.


Brown says a max sentence for Tedtaotao would send a message to the people of Guam as well, showing residents that they are protected. Meanwhile Tedtaotao asked for leniency.


“My good behavior, ever since I got sentenced, I haven’t gotten into trouble. I never got written from the department of corrections so I’m asking could you run it concurrently,” said Tedtaotao.


The debate was either to run Tedtaotao’s sentence consecutively or concurrently. If the judge chooses to run the sentences consecutively he would be sentenced to 45 years, the maximum amount. If she chooses to run it concurrently, he would only serve 25 years.


 At one point, the victim of the home invasion case spoke via telephone. Rebecca piper made a plea to the courtroom to give Tedtaotao the max sentence. Piper said it would take her the rest of her life to get better while Tedtaotao will likely only serve 45 years in jail. Piper is partially paralyzed.


Ultimately Judge Maria Cenzon said a lesser sentence would depreciate the seriousness of Tedtaotao’s crime.


“The court hereby sentences you to the maximum under the statute of ten years of imprisonment. The sentences are to run consecutively with credit for time already served,” said Cenzon.


Tedtaotao was convicted last year to 55 years for his role in a Nimitz Hill home invasion case that left the victim paralyzed. Tedtaotao was convicted of attempted murder, but that conviction was ultimately overturned on the grounds that Tedtaotao was not charged properly. Tedtaotao was sentenced to 25 years for first-degree robbery as a first-degree felony, 10 years for aggravated assault as a second-degree felony, and ten years for burglary as a second-degree felony.