Man threatens Guam’s military bases with “World War III”


A man was arrested for threatening the island’s military bases with “World War 3”

Paul Sanchez allegedly threatened to visit and blow up the Naval Station, Anderson Air Force Base, and the National Guard Readiness Center in Barrigada.

Court Documents say that on October 7th, Sanchez called the National Guard base demanding that the “colonizers” return property that Sanchez says they allegedly stole.

Court Documents further say that as the phone call progressed, Sanchez threatened to start “World War III” if they did not do as he demand.

Allegedly, Sanchez threatened to “kill everyone,” saying that he would visit the Navy, Airforce, and National Guard bases, and “blow the place up.”

A “Be on the Lookout” or “BOLO” was issued to Sanchez.

Court Documents say that two days after his initial threats, Sanchez was detained at Anderson Airforce Base.

According to the official Magistrates Report, Sanchez attempted to enter Anderson’s main gate while in a vehicle., and was recognized by Security Forces Personnel due to the BOLO issued.

Court Documents say that Sanchez, while being held at the main gate, became agitated and asked to leave.

Allegedly, Sanchez while attempting to exit his car, struck the security personnel multiple times with his car door as the security was trying to keep him in his car.

Court documents say that it took three security forces personnel to secure Sanchez.

When officers from the Guam Police Department took custody, court documents say that Sanchez was administered his rights, despite refusing to sign a waiver of rights. Sanchez says that he only responded to the “Law of God.”

Sanchez, according to court documents, says that the FBI already questioned him concerning his phone call to the National Guard, and further claims that the Air Force stole his family’s land.

Sanchez is charged with one count of Terrorizing as a 3rd Degree Felony, and two counts of Assault as misdemeanors.

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