Man Wanted in Palau Flees to Guam, Now Awaiting Extradition


Mace Orrukem is accused of attacking several people in Palau between 2013 and 2014.

Guam – A Palauan man wanted on a series of attacks in Palau is awaiting extradition back to his country.



Mace Orrukem was arrested on Guam on a warrant issued by the Supreme Court in Palau. Orrukem is accused of launching a series of attacks on Palauan citizens dating back to October 2013.

First officials say he beat a man outside of a restaurant causing the victim to be hospitalized. The second incident was in June 2014 in which Orrukem allegedly assaulted two people with a machete. Two weeks later, authorities say Orrukem was at it again, this time attacking a driver with his machete. Orrukem is again accused of striking three more people on three separate occasions either at a restaurant or a bar in Palau.

Despite being charged in court with assault and battery, Orrukem somehow managed to flee to Guam. He is now in custody and officials are moving to have him extradited back to Palau to face charges there.

His extradition hearing is on August 3 at 10:30 am in District Court.