Driver in fatal accident identified as Jacob Ungacta


Guam – A car crash last night has resulted in the death of a young man.

Driving through Route 1 in Asan near Harley Davidson you would have never known that last night it was the scene of a tragic car accident.

The call came in around 7 pm, GFD and GPD first responders quickly arrived on scene about 10 minutes later, discovering a BMW 526i wrapped around a concrete utility pole.

Debris scattered the road way and a tire laid nearly 80 feet from the vehicle. The impact of the vehicle to the pole was so great that the utility pole sat where the engine of the vehicle should have been.

An observation of the roadway leading up to the crash revealed no signs of tire skid marks to indicate that there was an attempt to stop.

At the scene, GFD units worked to free the trapped driver employing the jaws of life to pry the vehicle’s driver side door open.

The driver of the vehicle was found unresponsive, he was identified as 22-year old Jacob Ungacta also known as Kobe. He was transported to Naval Hospital.

Naval Hospital Public Information Officer Justine Manantane confirmed this morning that Ungacta had passed away. However, she was unable to provide details regarding the cause of death.

Since the crash family and friends have taken to social media to offer their condolences to the young man and his family.

His Uncle Frank Ungacta called into News Talk K 57 this morning on the Patti in the Morning show to talk about his nephew.

“We lost a family member last night and unfortunately an accident happened in Asan, its a family member of ours my nephew Jacob. We are trying to piece together what had happened since the last time the family had saw him until last night at the accident,” shared his Uncle.

According to his uncle, Jacob had been driving around the island.

“Guess he went to clear his mind and unfortunately before he could make it home he got into the accident down in Asan,” explained his uncle.

His uncle says that right before the accident Jacob posted something to social media.

“I just got a phone call early this morning saying open up your face book and check it out because he posted some stuff right before the accident,” revealed Frank.

His uncle shares that Jacob was a hardworking young father.

“He has a son a girlfriend, he was supporting, he was working two good jobs to support his child. I feel his son Caleb is going to grow up without a father. I know how that feels Patti I lost my father when I was 8 years old. For something to happen like this, for his child to loose his father at such a very very young age. Caleb is a young baby 2 or three years old. Its going to be hard for the entire family especially the girlfriend and the baby,” he shared.

Chief Medical Examiner Doctor Aurelio Espinola said Ungacta died of a broken neck and has ruled his death as a suicide. He told PNC that he saw the video Ungacta posted to social media detailing the moments leading up to the crash, sharing that Ungacta “apologized to his father.”


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