Man With H1N1 Virus May Have Landed on Guam However Public Health Officals Say Don’t Worry


Swine Flu Not As Dangerous As Once Thought

Guam – There could be a case of the Swine Flu or H1N1 virus on Guam. A man arrived at the airport yesterday claiming to have the H1N1 virus. However public health officials are not sure if the man really does have H1Ni and even if he does they say not to worry as H1N1 is not as big a threat as it once was.


“I received a call from the Catholic Social Service yesterday regarding a call they received from a passenger that arrived and I believe it may be from the Philippines or Singapore and the person was seeking assistance from the Catholic Social Servcie had indicated that they had diabetes as well as H1N1,” said Bureau of Disease Control Administrator Josie O’mallan. H1N1 is the virus commonly known as the Swine Flu.

It’s not known exactly what happened to this individual as O’mallan explains that no one ever had the man in their custody. In fact the only information they have about this man is based on a phonecall that the man made to the Catholic Social Services upon arrival on Guam. “The person had apparently contacted them from the airport seeking assistance from them but they did not have the person with them at their office so it was based on a telephone call from the individual seeking assistance,” said O’mallan.

Back in 2009 the swine flu caused a bit of a scare as it was a new strain of the flu that hadn’t been seen before and that spread quickly across the globe. The good news is that it didn’t prove to be that much more deadly than any other strain of the flu. “It’s a strain of influenza. There are many different strains of flu that circulate within the community and H1N1 is one of those strains. It now is endemic meaning it is present throughout the community,” said O’mallan.

O’mallan also has her doubts that the man even had the H1N1 virus as he called Catholic Social Services first in order to seek help with housing and food. “Immigration didn’t pick up that there was someone who was presenting symptoms. Neither did the customs officers. If someone were really truly sick they would pull that person aside and assess them and find out whether or not it may be a disease of public health concern,” said O’mallan.


O’mallan says that swine flu is just like any other flu. If you start having flu like symptoms take care of yourself. Get a lot of rest and fluids but if you are having any complications or any trouble breathing then go see a doctor. Those with weakened immune systems like children and the elderly should also see a doctor.