Mandatory quarantine in effect, incoming passengers from PI bused to quarantine hotels in Tamuning

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The Joint-Information Center says any Guam resident, without a medical certificate showing they tested negative for COVID 19, returning from the Philippines, will be quarantined for 14 days in a designated quarantine facility on island.

There is an anticipated influx of Guam residents returning from the Manila-area over the next few days.

Joe, a passenger on a Philippine Airlines flight from Manila (PR 110), who arrived back on Guam this morning (Thursday) told K-57’s Patti Arroyo, passengers were not told about the mandatory quarantine, or given any information about it from the airline or GovGuam.

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He said when they landed they saw school buses awaiting them and an array to first responders and public health staff.

That’s when they knew they were being shipped somewhere.

“I felt like an inmate,” said Joe, “like we were being made a spectacle, how we were transported here.”

Joe said when they were at the baggage claim, they heard an announcement saying they’re going into mandatory quarantine.

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Mandatory quarantine in effect, incoming passengers from PI bused to quarantine hotels in Tamuning.

He said many people were very irate with the lack of information and that they did not have an adequate opportunity to get tested for COVID-19 while in PI. Joe said, that’s because so many facilities were already shut down in the Metro Manila area, due to that country’s on going lockdown.

Viewer submitted photo of the Days Inn Hotel with masked health staff awaiting passengers. The hotel is where some Guam residents returning from the Philippines will be staying.

Passengers on today’s flight were also curious as to why they were the first flight to be quarantined and questioned all the returning Guam residents on PI flights over the past few days.

Joe said he’s currently at the Days Inn Hotel.

The hotels being used are the Days Inn and the Wynham Garden, both on Ypao Road in Tamuning.

The Joint Information Center has not confirmed the designated hotels.

The Governor’s office says the mandatory quarantine is for Guam residents returning from the Philippines only. That’s because several of the 8 currently confirmed COVID-19 patients on Guam, had recently traveled to PI.

All other residents returning from other destinations, will be requested to self-quarantine. Officials say Public Health staff will be checking in on those in self-quarantine.