Manenggon Memorial Foundation Held Annual Ceremony

Wreaths were presented at the Manenggon Memorial during this year's ceremony. (PNC video capture)

The Manenggon Memorial Foundation held its annual ceremony on Sunday morning.

Here’s the report on the ceremony

The rain didn’t stop the 78th Annual Manenggon Memorial Ceremony from happening Sunday morning.

War survivors, military officials, veterans, and members of the public came together to honor the memorial.

Bill Quenga, Yona Mayor stated, “It is up to all of us to bear true witness to the bravery and sacrifice made by the heroes we honor today.”

During the Japanese occupation on Guam in World War II, residents by the thousands were forced to march to Japanese concentration camps across the island by bayonet wielding Japanese soldiers.

It’s in these camps that horrifying acts of rape, beheadings, and executions were performed on the island’s residents.

At that time, the people of Guam were forced into these camps when the Japanese Military on the island learned that American troops were trekking across the Pacific Islands.

Bill Quenga, Yona Mayor stated, “Those we honor today made the ultimate sacrifice for a purpose far greater than themselves, which means so much.”

In this year’s memorial ceremony, stories of the concentration camps were told in the perspective of the children that lived through that time of Guam’s history.

Manenggon Memorial Foundation President Stephanie Flores and Hannah Torres Gutierrez Arroyo recounted stories of their relatives during the March to Manenggon and the horrors of the concentration camps.

At the end of his speech, Mayor Bill Quenga honored the lives that endured the hardships of Japanese occupation.

Bill Quenga, Yona Mayor stated, “May God bless the men and women whose lives were lost while serving our island. We will never forget you, your courage, and your strength

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