Mañenggon Memorial Foundation to hold virtual tribute


The Mañenggon Memorial Foundation announces that this year’s Hasso Mañenggon commemoration will be a virtual tribute to close out this year’s Liberation commemoration.

“Protecting the health and well-being of our WWII survivors, their families, and the public is of highest priority. Manåmku’ survivors confirm that the COVID situation is serious ‘sa’ mampus chat’saga yan na’ma’añao’ but tremendously pales in comparison to their experiences during WWII,” the foundation stated in a release.

MMF said it will continue its mission to honor all survivors, both alive and passed, and all victims. This year in lieu of a public memorial, the foundation will honor them through media and formats easily accessible to all.

Additional information on how to access the virtual ceremony will be released later.

The Mañenggon Memorial Foundations asks everybody to do their part to protect the island’s manåmku’ from COVID-19 by observing social distancing, wearing facial protection, and practicing good hygiene.