Manenggon Memorial Site Will Not Change

Wreaths were presented at the Manenggon Memorial during this year's ceremony. (PNC video capture)

According to the Manenggon Foundation President – Willy Flores – despite the ongoing land dispute between the owners of the land surrounding the Manenggon Memorial and GovGuam – the commemoration site will not change, and people will still be able to honor the fallen at the memorial.

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Earlier this morning, in an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, Flores reported that the Manenggon Memorial site is good to go, despite the dispute between the landowners and GovGuam.

PNC previously reported that Mark Colby, a caller representing the owners of the land surrounding the Manenggon Memorial – that the road to leading to the memorial will be blocked off due to a dispute between his family and GovGuam.

A possible solution that Flores previously proposed was an alternative commemoration site.

However, earlier today, Flores reported that the original site is good to go, thanks to a separate agreement between the Manenggon Foundation and the owners of the land.

Today, In an interview on NewsTalk K57, Willy Flores told listeners that the Manenggon Memorial site will be good to go.

Willy Flores, President of the Manenggon Foundation stated, “The memorial service will be held at the memorial site this weekend, no alternate site. It will be at the memorial site. The family has assured us they are not going to be blocking the road. And we’ll have unimpeded access to the site for the occasion so we’re happy to announce that. And we want to remind the public that, you know, it’s going to start at 9:00. It’s a limited service this year of course because of the concern of the rising numbers so we’re limiting the service. It’s a short service but we’ll start at 9 then right after that we’ll go to the Asinan site near Pago Bay and we’ll do that memorial as well.”

Flores further reported on how the march will go, as they take COVID safety measures into account. Flores added, “Okay, so you know we normally have the march in, Patti– from the bridge right? The memorial march– but as we watch the rising numbers, we were a little concerned about that because we always have the bus from Kloppenburg Enterprises which brings the manåmko in, as you know, they accompany the marchers in. But we were a little concerned about having the folks on the bus together, you know since the vulnerabilities. So we are just going to go straight into the memorial site. G4S will be providing traffic control and assistance and security. Once at the site we will have seating and then we will proceed with the service. “

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