Manhoben Swim Club uses video conferencing to continue workouts during COVID19 pandemic

Photo: Manhoben Swim Club
The Manhoben Swim Club put out a News Release Wednesday, detailing their modified workouts under social isolation laws.
The swim club’s News Release: 
While respecting the government’s call for social distancing and doing their part to fight COVID-19, the Manhoben Swim Club continues to connect their swimmers through daily video conference workouts.
“With the pool and parks closed and our practices cancelled, a team can still be a team using modern technology,” said Coach Andy Lee.

“Despite all these challenges, our daily video calls give our swimmers the opportunity to stay connected, maintain their conditioning and promote wellness at home.”

The Manhoben team connects every afternoon for quick personal updates and proceeds to stretching and daily dry-land workout.

These Manhoben swimmers include middle and high school students from across the island. Manhoben encourages all athletes to stay motivated and find creative ways to stay connected and active.
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