Marbo Cave freshwater pools overrun by stormwater and filled with mud

Marbo Cave's freshwater pool is overrun by stormwater and mud. (Viewer submitted photo)

Marbo Cave’s freshwater pools, a favorite destination of tourists and locals alike, have been overrun by stormwater and filled with water due to apparent erosion.

Nic Rupley Lee, public information officer of Guam Environmental Protection Agency, said GEPA has received some photos and videos of the Marbo Cave area confirming the stormwater overflow and erosion.

“Our chief engineer along with our water pollution control program manager already made a visit to the site. And they did perform an inspection,” Lee said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Pauly Suba.

According to Lee, their initial findings are that some ponding basins were not properly managed or incomplete in their construction.

“It’s likely — based on the evidence from the photos and the site visit — that this stormwater and erosion can be attributed to a project site in the area,” Lee said.

A solar farm for the Guam Power Authority operated by Samsung is operating in the area and the company was approved for some earth-moving work.

Lee said a second inspection was conducted performed by the agency’s environmental monitoring team along with the agency’s chief engineer.

“They saw that the pathway that most folks walk down towards … the freshwater cages … had been obliterated and that would likely be due to stormwater,” Lee said.

He said GEPA will continue its investigation. In the meantime, he advised the public not to visit the area in the meantime.