Marianas Finance Corp. Sets Profit Record


Guam -The shareholders of Marianas Finance Corporation met on Saturday, March 19, to review the results of operations for 2010 and elect members of the company’s board of directors.
Marianas Finance recorded an increase in net income after taxes in 2010 of 7% over 2009’s, as profits hit the highest level in the company’s 56 year history.

Elected as members of the board of directors were Philip Flores, Chairman, Peter “Sonny” Ada, Vice Chairman, Mark Fish, Simon Sanchez, Fred Tanaka, Herbert “Bert” Johnston and Mike Benito.

The members of the board then met and declared a dividend to shareholders of record as of March 19th in the amount of ten cents per share payable on March 21st.  This represents an 11% increase in the dividend compared to last year’s.