Marianas Working Group meets on cybersecurity


Members of the Marianas Working Group gathered at Adelup this afternoon for a meeting on cybersecurity.

Guam governor Lou Leon Guerrero met with representatives from the FBI, Joint Region Marianas, the island’s telecom industry and lawmakers from both Guam and the CNMI.

Sen. Wil Castro, who is a member of the Marianas Working Group, said the focus was on joint efforts to protect cybersecurity in our region.

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“So the purpose of today’s meeting was basically to give a 30-thousand foot overview of the threats of cyber terrorism, cybersecurity, and the dark web. The reason why we met with the governor, is two-fold. Number one, it was a matter of courtesy to meet with the chief executive of the territory. And second, was to determine her receptivity to re-authorizing the Marianas Working Group. And she was so supportive,” Castro said.

The Marianas Working Group meeting on cybersecurity continues tomorrow with Guam Homeland Security, the Guam Power Authority. and the Guam Veterans Affairs Office.